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At Counselling for Wellness, our philosophy is to provide effective practical counselling for individuals and adolescents in a warm and safe environment. Our aim is to assist each individual to attain their optimum potential in achieving wellness. We provide in-person and online counselling support for many concerns such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, and trauma

At Counselling for Wellness, we support individuals with confidential, professional in-person and online Counselling and Psychotherapy, specialising in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) - a powerful therapy designed to help people recover from traumatic events in their lives. EMDR Therapy has also been found to effectively treat mood and anxiety issues, panic attacks, depression and phobias.

Our practices are located in Dublin and Wexford, and Online.

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Our Belief

"What cannot be talked about, cannot be put to rest." Bruno Bettelheim

What we do...


Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic treatment that can reduce and eliminate the intense and lingering symptoms of traumatic or upsetting events. It is widely known to treat symptoms of PTSD and it has also been shown to effectively treat a wide range of symptoms, including anxiety, chronic pain, low self-esteem, and depression.

When an upsetting or traumatic event occurs, it can get locked in the brain with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feeling and body sensations.

If your brain isn’t able to properly process this information, it gets stuck in your memory networks. This is why it can feel like you’re reliving a traumatic (or shameful, embarrassing, upsetting) experience whether you want to think of it or not. Your brain is hanging on to the pieces of that memory and filtering your current experience through them in an unhelpful way.

EMDR is a therapeutic approach that helps release and reprocess those pieces of information from your brain’s memory networks. It’s one of the most well-researched and empirically validated trauma treatments.

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Counselling for you...

There are times when we all need to talk, times when there is no one to talk to or no one that you think will understand; times when you are scared to talk to someone you know or times when you are afraid of being judged. Our aim is to provide that space for you, a confidential, non-judgmental safe space where you are free to speak as you wish, about what you want. Therapy is an amazing outlet which will provide you with emotional support and will help you find ways to manage whatever it is you may be going through.

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Child & Adolescent...

Child and Adolescent therapy helps to support children who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions and/or behaviour. The aim of the therapy is to understand these difficulties and to bring about positive and lasting changes.

It is essential for the child or adolescent to feel comfortable, safe, and understood. This type of trusting environment that the therapist provides makes it much easier for the child to express their thoughts and feelings ,and to use the therapy in a helpful way.

Overall, therapy helps children and adolescents in a variety of ways. They can receive emotional support and assistance when resolving conflicts with others, help in understanding feelings and thoughts relating to their concerns, and actively engage in trying out new solutions to old problems.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play that in a year of conversation." Plato

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