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Child and adolescent counselling


Andrew here, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I do.

Psychotherapy is my passion. I believe the counsellor’s role is to assist each individual to attain their optimum potential in achieving happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing.
I provide professional, confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy that combines warmth and compassion with competence. A solid ethical foundation that values integrity, honesty and openness guides my work.
My therapeutic approach is characterised by an understanding that no one single approach works for every presenting issue. Therefore, I work with people relationally in a collaborative “Pluralistic” fashion towards goals.

Bernie here, 

I specialise in individual counselling for adults with a focus on empowering people through knowledge and awareness. Working from a holistic approach and integrating various therapy models, I believe counselling and psychotherapy can assist you in navigating through the difficult life events you may encounter. 

In a safe, caring and non-judgmental space, you will have the opportunity to express your worries or challenges that you may be facing. I also incorporate mindfulness and meditation, alongside self-care practices to help enhance your overall wellbeing.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 087 7990217

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